USB DC Power Output Cord - Z4

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USB A Male connector to 4.0 x 1.7mm round connector
Part Number: CAB-Z4
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USB DC Power Cable -Z4

This USB DC Power Cable one end  is a male USB Type A connector that  can plug to a USB port, another end is a round  shape male connector that can fit  DC input power jacks of a lot of devices. You can also add optional connector plug tips we have to this cable to make it fits more devices.

USB DC Power Cable -Z4

Following is a partial list of this USB DC Power Cable fits without optional connector plug tips:

AV400, AV500 Mobile DVR (30GB), AV420, Gmini 500 (30GB)

Digital IXUS 430, Digital IXUS 500, iVIS HF100, PowerShot A10, PowerShot A20, PowerShot A30, PowerShot A40, PowerShot A60, PowerShot A610, PowerShot A620, PowerShot A630, PowerShot A640, PowerShot A70, PowerShot A75, PowerShot A80, PowerShot A85, PowerShot A95, PowerShot S100, PowerShot S110, PowerShot S200, PowerShot S230, PowerShot S300, PowerShot S330, PowerShot S400, PowerShot S410, PowerShot S500

CASIO: Exilim EX-Z30

CONTAX: U4R, I4R, SL300RT, DX010242


GE: E1030

EPSON: P-2000, P-2500, P-3000, P-4000, P-4500, P-5000

CLIP IT 80, CLIP IT DS-10/10S, CLIP IT DS-20, CLIP IT DS-30, CLIP IT, DS-220, DS-260HD, DS-300, DS-560, DS-565, DX-10, DX-7, DX-9, FinePix 1200, FinePix 1300, FinePix 1400 Zoom, FinePix 1400Z, FinePix 1700Z, FinePix 2200, FinePix 2300, FinePix 2400 Zoom, FinePix 2400Z, FinePix 2500Z, FinePix 2700Z, FinePix 2800 Zoom, FinePix 2800, FinePix 3800, FinePix 402, FinePix 4500z, FinePix 4800 Zoom, FinePix 4800z, FinePix 4900 Zoom, FinePix 4900z, FinePix 500, FinePix 50i, FinePix 600z, FinePix 6800 Zoom, FinePix 6800z, FinePix 6900 Zoom, FinePix 6900z, FinePix 700, FinePix F20, FinePix F30, FinePix F31fd, FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F401, FinePix F402, FinePix F40fd, FinePix F410, FinePix F440 Zoom, FinePix F440, FinePix F45fd, FinePix F460, FinePix F47fd, FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix F601, FinePix F602, FinePix F650, FinePix F810 Zoom, FinePix PR21, FinePix S1 Pro, FinePix S2 Pro, FinePix S20 Pro, FinePix S3000, FinePix S304, FinePix S3100, FinePix S3500, FinePix S5 Pro, FinePix S5000, FinePix S5100, FinePix S5200, FinePix S5500, FinePix S5600, FinePix S5700, FinePix S5800, FinePix S602, FinePix S700, FinePix S7000, FinePix S8000fd, FinePix S9000, FinePix S9500, FinePix V10, FinePix Z1, MX Series, MX-1200, MX-1700 Zoom, MX-2700, MX-2900 Zoom, MX-500, MX-600 Zoom, MX-700

EasyShare DC4800, EasyShare DX6490, EasyShare DX7440, EasyShare DX7590, EasyShare DX7630, EasyShare LS420, EasyShare LS443, EasyShare LS633, EasyShare LS743, EasyShare LS753, EasyShare LS755, EasyShare M753, EasyShare M853, EasyShare M873, EasyShare M883, EasyShare One Series, EasyShare P712, EasyShare P850, EasyShare P880, EasyShare V1003, EasyShare V530, EasyShare V550, EasyShare V570, EasyShare V603, EasyShare V610, EasyShare V705, EasyShare V803, EasyShare Z730, EasyShare Z7590, EasyShare Z760

Finecam M400R, Finecam M410R, FineCam S3, Finecam S3L, Finecam S3R, Finecam S3x, Finecam S4, Finecam S5, Finecam S5R, Finecam SL300R, Finecam SL400R, SAMURAI 2100DG

DIMAGE A1, Dimage X, Dimage Xg, Dimage Xt, Dimage X50, Dimage X60

OLYMPUS: IR-300, IR-500, MR-100, MR-500i, SP-700


ROLLEI: PREGO dp4200, Prego dp6200, DP8300


PlayStation Portable (PSP), PSP-1000, PSP-2006

Allegertto M3, Allegertto M4, Allegertto M40, Allegertto M5, Allegertto M70, PDR-M11, PDR-M21, PDR-M25, PDR-M4, PDR-M5, PDR-M6, PDR-M60, PDR-M61, PDR-M65, PDR-M70, PDR-M71, PDR-M81

Above list is just a partial list. New devices & models are coming out everyday and we are unable to list all of them on time. If your device needs 5V DC power and the connector fits your device, then this cable should work for your device.

You can add an plug tip on this cable to make it works for other devices also.

Following pictures show how to add an optional plug tip to this cable:

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