Polarity Reversed 5.5 x 2.5mm DC Power Connector

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Change polarity for a 5.5mm x 2.5mm connector
Part Number: CNT-525PR
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DC Power Connector  with Polarity Change.

The connector one end is a 5.5mm x 2.5mm female jack, another end is a 5.5mm x 2.5mm male connector. 

It is used to change polarity  for a 5.5mm x 2.5mm  connector
It changes  output polarity on the connector: If original polarity is Positive ( Inside "+", Outside "-"), then the new output polarity will be Negative (Inside "-", Outside "+"). If original polarity is Negative (Inside "-", Outside "+"), then the new polarity will be Positive ( Inside "+", Outside "-").

  • Maximum current: 8A
  • Connectors: one end 5.5mm x 2.5mm female, one end 5.5mm x 2.5mm male
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