Flat Top Cover for BiXPower 24V and 36V Battery Output Connnection Box

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Flat Top Cover for 24V or 36V electric bicycle batteries Output connection box for
Part Number: KRC562B-Flat
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Extra info: This battery is for professional users with advanced electric acknowledge only.
Flat  top cover for  BiXPower 24V or 36V batteries output box such as KF541, KF542, KF441, KF561, KF562.

Using this flat cover with KF542 or KF562 battery output box, it will look like following picture:

Note: the bottom connection box and wire not included.

The output box  can slide to battery contact socket and provide output cable with 2 wires: red wire is positive, black wire is ground.

Please note that this top cover is for BiXPower battery  output connection boxes, such as KF542, KF562 output box. It may not work for other company batteries although they may look similar.

Battery with output connection box and flat cover.

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