110V 300W AC Portable Power Pack Powered by 288Wh Battery - XP300AC

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This power pack comes with a 288 Watt-hour super high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery and a DC to AC power inverter that can provide 120V pure sine AC power.
Part Number: XP330AC-BX2499
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Power any device anytime, anywhere by using its own AC power adapter.

This power station comes with a super high capacity light weight rechargeable lithium ion battery (24V 12Ah or 288Wh) and a 300W power inverter that converts the battery power to a 110V AC power just like the power source in your office or home wall outlet. Just link the power inverter to the battery, then plug your device AC power adapter to the power inverter

Maximum continuous output power: 300W 110V AC

Although integrating battery and AC inverter together in one unit may be convenient to use, there are many benefits not integrating them together:

1. Heat is the worst enemy of lithium ion batteries. AC inverter may generate a lot of heat. If integrating battery with AC inverter in one unit, battery will work in hot environment, this will reduce battery life time. It may also rise some safety concerns. Building battery separately from AC inverter will avoid this situation.

2. When battery and inverter are two separate units, it will be much easier to replace/upgrade battery or inverter.

Battery Features:

Small Size and Light Weight:

This battery weight is only around 4.3 pounds (same capacity Lead-Acid battery will be around 20 pound).

LED Display:

The Four-level LED indicates current power status.

AC Charger:

This battery comes with its own AC charger that can charge the battery from any 110V ~ 240V AC power source.

Safety Features:

  • Water-resistant and firm ABS plastic casing.
  • - Built-in PCB protection.
  • - Prevent short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge.
  • - The internal pack is stabilized by braces.
  • - Avoiding mechanical accidents caused by vibration.
Model No.
  • BX24H99B
Cell Brand
  • Panasonic

  • Lithium-ion
  • Nominal Voltage: 25.2 V
  • Minimum Voltage: 21V
  • Maximum Voltage: 29.5V
  • 12Ah @ 24V
  • 288 Watt-hour
  • 7S4P
Inner Resistance
  • ≤75 mΩ
Charge Voltage Limit
  • 29.4V
Max. Charge Current
  • 2 A
Continuous Discharge Current
  • 15 A
Burst Discharge Current
(up to 10 minutes)
  • 18 A
  • 7.5" x 4.4" X 3"
  • 2 kg (or 4.3pounds)
Operate Temp. Charge
  • 0~45 ℃
Operate Temp. Discharge
  • -20~60 ℃
Storage Temp.
  • -20~40 ℃
Cycle Life
  • 500 Times
PCB Safety Function
  • Cell balancing
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-charge
  • Temperature protection
  • Secondary protection
Power Inverter Features:

The power inverter converts the battery DC power to 110V AC power. It has a universal AC output socket that can accept any style of AC plugs. The inverter's total continuous output can be as high as 300W. Its output wave form is pure since wave.

Smart & quite cooling fan : The cooling fan will only work when it is needed.

3-hole AC socket which accepts both 2-pin and 3-pin AC plugs.

The power inverter has a specially designed connector that can easily link to the battery.

Advantages of Pure Sine Wave inverters over modified sine wave inverters:

a) Output voltage wave form is pure sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity.
b) Inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler.
c) Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, Game consoles, Fax, and answering machines.
d) Prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors.
e) Reliably powers the following devices that will normally not work with modified sine wave inverters:
  • Laser printers, photocopiers, magneto-optical hard drives
  • Certain laptop computers (you should check with your manufacturer)
  • Some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts
  • Power tools employing "solid state" power or variable speed control
  • Some battery chargers for cordless tools Some new furnaces and pellet stoves with microprocessor control
  • Digital clocks with radios
  • Sewing machines with speed/microprocessor control
  • X-10 home automation system
  • Medical equipment

    The pure sine inverter also reduces electronic interference, making it a better alternative for operating sensitive audio/video equipment and medical devices. Appliances with dimmers, speed controls, and certain battery chargers may require pure sine power to operate.

  • Compared to the traditional inverters, which output in modified sine wave, AC power in pure sine wave is more similar to commercial power. The electronic appliances run cleaner, cooler, and quieter when running on pure sine power. As a result, pure sine inverters save energy costs and extend the life of appliances.

    The pure sine inverter also reduces electronic interference, making it a better alternative for operating sensitive audio/video equipment and medical devices. Appliances with dimmers, speed controls, and certain battery chargers may require pure sine power to operate.

    Pure Sine Inverters are designed to increase the efficiency and running time of electronic appliances and motors. Our Inverters operate at less than 3–5% of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) on average and 90% efficiency across the line.

    Package contents:

    The standard package comes with:
    1. One BX2499 battery: 24V 14Ah, or 336 Watt-hour.
    2. One Battery AC Charger and power cord
    3. One 300W 110V Pure Sine Power Inverter.

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