LC47 - Right Angle Converter for 4.75 x 1.75 mm Connector

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This Right Angle Converter can convert a straight 4.75 x 1.75 mm power connector to right angle connector
Part Number: CNT-LC47
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This Right Angle 90 degree connector converter can convert a straight 4.75 x 1.75mm power connector to a 90 degree right angle connector.


This converter one side is a 4.75 x 1.75mm female jack, another end has a 4.75 x 1.75mm (Outside Diameter 4.75mm, Inside Diameter 1.75mm) male connector:

The male side has a 4.75mm (Outside Diameter) x 1.75mm (Inside Diameter) male connector.

This right angle converter can save space around the laptop computer power plug.

Original power adapter without Right Angle Converter

Power adapter with Right Angle Converter

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